Slicks Shuttle Serv‚Äčice

Prepay Cards

Slicks Shuttle pre-pay cards (as illustrated below), are a way of paying for a journey in advance.

If you regularly commute from home to work and back, then purchasing pre-paid cards, means you don't need to dig around your pockets looking for a fare midweek.

Pre-pay cards are also a good way to pay in advance for taking your kids to school and back home, or going shopping, just hand as many cards as required for the fare amount, to the driver.

These pre-paid cards can only be used for trip fares, the usual charges apply for waiting times, etc etc.

Pre-Pay cards can only be purchased at the shuttle office and are usable only within the Sierra Vista area.

$1 off fare on prepay cards.
10 x $9 for $80

For other areas, please call the number below.
For more information call (520)-458-1888.